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It is illegal for a debt collector to leave you a message at work. We have a prime example of someone who did it and we made sure they were sued and stopped doing it to other consumers.

Harry Jacobs will play the call on The Credit Show on CBS am 840 KXNT now.

Listen live anywhere.
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The Credit Show with Harry Jacobs is on CBS am 840 KXNT right now.

Today some horror stories including one about a woman who has had a student loan debt following her around for 10 years that she attended for 1 day and the school is OUT OF BUSINESS.
Debt collectors will not stop calling and she is getting calls at work that will not stop.

Another story from one of our clients who totaled his car and had gap insurance. The auto finance company is still showing he owes money.

Several more stories as bad or worse PLUS details on how we can and will work for you for FREE.

Tune in now.
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